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On December 16, 2011, the Friday of final exams' week, during my junior year of college; I gave birth to my son, Romeo. Instantaneously, life as I had previously known it changed. After discharge from the hospital, I began to pray. I began to ask God for guidance on what was the right path for me to take and I was presented with the right answer during that Christmas break. I decided to go back to school with my 3-week old son by my side with the goal of graduating on time with honors... our journey began!


Romeo being born exposed me to a new world; one of joy, laughter, and motivation! A world where it was no longer only about me, but more so about my life, my career, and most of all me raising this weird miniature human that had some of my awesome physical characteristics. Motherhood did not signal the end of life for me. I did not have to sacrifice my education, my career, or my social life; it actually enhanced all of them. With my journey of motherhood as inspiration, I decided to share my experiences with other young ambitious mothers, with hopes that this empowers and encourages others to not give up and instead have fun, stay focused, and enjoy the journey! 

The Joy of Romeo was created as an environment where young, fearless, and career-driven mothers can find inspiration, comedy, ideas, and great tips on mastering the balance of motherhood, career, and self!

As of June 2018, Joy of Romeo is now focused on supporting individuals and working parents with the resources they need to succeed in career, self care, and parenting.  

Our Team
Joy, Mom-In-Charge

info@joyofromeo.com | (910) 518-6662

Romeo, Chief Motivation Officer

info@joyofromeo.com | (910) 518-6662

Georgina “Joy” Dukes is a healthcare innovator, content creator, social justice advocate, and most importantly a mother to her awesome son, Romeo.  Although motherhood was an experience she was not prepared for, she has taken this failure turned blessing and used it as motivation to overcome and inspire others to do the same. You can always find Georgina using her story and life experiences as a vehicle for creating change. She has a bachelors degree in Public Health Science from Clemson University and Masters in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina. She has completed training in GE Design Thinking, Mayo Clinic Innovation, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and Behavior Change Theory.

Romeo was born and raised in every area code of South Carolina and is now making waves in North Carolina! He is a goofy & creative guy who loves Marvel Superheroes, Legos, Netflix, Drawing, and so much more! He will ask you every question he can possibly think of and then stare at you until you develop an answer! His favorite food is tacos and pepperoni pizza and his favorite color is blue ( 5 minutes ago, it was red)! Subscribe for his funny videos, tasty recipes, and cool projects!

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