4 Friends Every Mom Needs in Her Corner

I worked hard to create a solid group of friends that will hold me accountable as well as let me live a life full of joy and happiness. I have learned that all friends should have a role toward making sure you are successful as a mother, professional, and human being. Surround yourself with greatness and “cabinet members” who will be in your corner. There are four friends that every mom needs in order to survive and balance motherhood, professional success, and personal life.  

The Advisor 

I call this person my “Tyrion”. At any given moment, I can call them for advice, personally and professionally. I cry to them, laugh with them, fight with them, basically all of the above. You could see this person as your free life coach. You may reciprocate the advisor role to this person and then again you may not, depending on your role in their life. 9 times out of 10, this person does not have their life together at all (hint hint… Tyrion) but they give the most solid advice and they really care about your well-beingDuring COVID, I have called on this person constantly and they gave me thoughtful advice. This person will always have your back and make sure you are always safe! 

The Hype-man 

I call this person my “Martin”. This person is always yelling ” You go girl!” This friend will hype you up professionally and personally. When I call on this person after a bad day at work, they remind me of who I am. They will read me my own resume and say you are a QUEEN; you are Georgina Dukes and never forget that! Every mom needs a friend like this in their life! When I called this person during COVID, they were already ahead of the game and had ideas to motivate me to get through the pandemic. This friend really has your best interests at heart. They want to see you win professionally and personally. They are always there for you when you need that ego boost. 

​​The Comic Relief 

I call this person my “Cardi B”! I am certain that I am this person to many people, but I definitely have this friend in my corner. Laughter is food for the soul and this person keeps my stomach aching from tears of giggles. I gave my comic relief friend a call during COVID and they drove to my house and practically moved in to keep me in good spirits. Their presence filled my room with goofiness, silliness, clowning, and every bit of laughter I can think of. You always need someone hilarious on your team to keep smiles on everyone’s faces and to remind you that you shouldn’t take things so seriously 

The Confidant 

I call this person my “Rock”. This person knows everything about me good and bad. They will know your deepest darkest secrets and it’s all free of judgement. This is usually a friend that you’ve known for yearsThey are a solid force in your life and they honestly want the best for you. You two know each other thoroughly and the secrets you have are going to the grave with the both of you. I confided in this person during my darkest moments of COVID and they helped me get my life back together for work and motherhood by the following day. ​ 

I hope that you can use these tips and seriously evaluate the friends that you have in your life. All friends should be pushing you toward being a better version of yourself. Use these tips to reevaluate your circle and thank those who have been a solid force in your life! 

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