A Promise for All Moms

Dear Amazing Mom,


Can we make a promise to each other?


Let’s promise each other that we will take at least one weekend vacation before the end of the year.


Now, when I say “vacation”, I don’t mean a family vacation with your little ones because we all know that a vacation with the little ones is basically the same thing you do every day except for better scenery and unfamiliar territory.


I also don’t mean a couple’s trip with you and your significant other or a girls’ trip with you and all of your friends. Both of these activities require you pouring energy into another human being during this vacation period.


This vacation is just for YOU. You and only you, Mama.


You will be promising to not invest your time and energy into anyone else but yourself for the weekend of your choice — Only focusing on you.


Do you think you could do that?


Think about the last time that you really did something for yourself. Maybe you went to a hair appointment, shopping, or to a nail salon. You may have had your kids with you during either of those experiences. You may have been rushing so you could get back to your responsibilities during either of those experiences. Or you just may have felt completely guilty for even spending money and time to do something for you… Don’t worry we’ve all been there.


You must promise that on this weekend, that you will not guilt infect your mind for the 48 hours while you are away.


Speaking of away, traveling somewhere is not mandatory with this promise. This vacation can totally become a staycation for those frugal & homebody mommies like myself. If you decide to stay home, send the kids and/or significant other away for the weekend. I’m sure you can agree that a weekend home alone sounds like a splendid idea, right?


While you are home on this staycation, I would like to remind you that this is time to focus on you. This weekend is not meant for you to catch up with work in peace, do that huge pile of laundry that you’ve been meaning to get to, clean that fridge, or reorganize that closet. Get all of those productive thoughts out of your head now! Use this staycation time to refocus, binge watch a tv show in pajamas all day, order delivery from your favorite restaurant, read that book you’ve meaning to get to, or even start that DIY project that you’ve been looking at on Pinterest. Do something that will make you smile that benefits only you. You just take care of you because it seems that we, as moms, tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves.


If you can’t promise this with me. I strongly encourage you to look within and ask yourself why? Why do you feel like you don’t deserve a weekend to be with only you and do self-care? If you truly feel that you don’t deserve to indulge in self-care, then this could really mean something more. That “more” tends to become a self-worth issue.


And believe me mama, you are sooooooo worth it.


So, can we promise each other that we will take a weekend just for ourselves?


If you promise, you can join other moms in liking this Facebook Post and posting a picture of your weekend by the end of the year using the hashtag #AMDVacation.


I look forward to seeing you focus on you!



Just Another Busy Mom

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