Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Single Mom

Let’s not let our lack of having a significant other prevent us from celebrating a day of love with our little ones!

As we know, single moms are overwhelmingly doing it all alone. Those mothers who don’t have a strong support network from their child’s father or family and friends tend to suffer more from anxiety and depression which causes their ability to do thoughtful things for themselves such as date and find love to vanish. Despite these notions, we should feel empowered to show love and feel love from the ones that mean the most to us on the day of the lovers. I have found some cool ideas to try with your children on this loving holiday.


Dance All Night!

We see father-daughter dances everywhere but there has recently been a new wave of mother-son dances/mother-child dances popping up in communities. Dances are a great way to celebrate the day of the lovers with your offspring. Even if there isn’t an actual dance that you can attend, make a playlist of their favorite songs and have your own dance party in the middle of the living room. Show them how important it is to love yourself, be free, and cut a rug!

Overindulge on the Sweets!

Buy chocolates, go to an ice cream parlor, attend a baking class, anything that allows you and your little ones to enjoy the sweets. Avoid the serious dinner all together and go straight for the sweets to make that night special and fun! Here is one of our favorite sweets to make together.

Paint Night!

Paint nights are becoming a great way to explore your artsy side and fellowship with others! Many treat these cool paint nights as romantic dates or fun girls’ night out but, you can have it as a date with your babies. Find a local wine & design venue or you can have your very own paint night at home on a budget! Hosting a paint night with you and your little ones is extremely affordable and fun. Check out how I did it with $25.

Spoil with Gifts!

Gifts are always a fun aspect of valentine’s day. Every year my mom gave me a gift for Valentine’s Day. Whether the gift was a thoughtful card or a stuffed animal, I cherished them dearly. Think about something that you can give your little ones to celebrate the love you have for them. A stuffed animal, a chore-free day, a homemade coupon (you all can do any activity of their choice for $50 or less), candy, flowers, or anything you feel will show love and put a smile on their face, purchase that gift and let them know how much you love them!


Most importantly, take time to reflect on how awesome and loved you are! Not everyone is built for single motherhood and you are doing it with grace, class, determination, and style! These little humans in our lives have made our journey through life worthwhile and I can’t help but show thanks to you for even thinking about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with fun for you and your children. I honestly believe God makes no mistakes and he has you right where he wants you to be on this Valentine’s Day. Spending time loving on your children will give you the motivation to succeed that you never had, give you the laughter that you never knew, give you the faith that you never appreciated, and most of all give you the true meaning to what the word LOVE means in life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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