Have You Ever Felt Disconnected?

As a mom, I have gone through really busy periods where I am so focused on work, my child, and my family that I feel disconnected from who I am and Whose I am. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you get disconnected from God and start to feel this overwhelming sense of confusion and loss. Have you experienced this? I know I cannot be the only one. We are not perfect in our relationship with God yet He loves us anyway. Knowing that we serve a loving Father, I know when those chaotic times of life happen that disconnect us from God, I can always bring myself back to Him with three easy strategies. 

Number 1: Listen to Gospel Music 

I am a huge fan of trap music, hip hop, and R&B which are all amazing genres of music. However, when I am disconnected from Him, I realize that have to calm down on the secular music and really listen to the voices of those who are praising and worshiping God. I have created an Apple Music playlist called ‘Right Life Right Now’ with about 30+ songs from worshippers I admire. I usually play this whenever I am in a praise and worship mood but I also have it for times like this — when I need to center myself back on my relationship with God. You can create a playlist like this too. Add some of your favorite songs that move you and make you think about how great our God is and how much He’s done in your life. Apple Music isn’t the only app that offers this playlist feature. Try Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, and other streaming services to get your mind clear and back in praise and worship mode. 

Number 2: Listen to Recorded Messages 

While trying to revive my connection to God, I find the best use of free time is to listen to messages from preachers and pastors that I follow. In the age of COVID-19, so many faith leaders have created social media platforms to make their preached messages accessible to the masses. COVID-19 has made many of us nervous about returning to church in person but that is no excuse. You can still be in tune with the word weekly if not daily thanks to social media. Pastors like TD Jakes, Steven Furtick, and Michael Todd are just a few of the leaders that I have followed who provide thoughtful and awesome messages that help me remember who I am and Who’s I am. You can watch messages from some of your favorite leaders on apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Number 3: Fast 

One of the best ways to clear your mind of distraction is to fast and this doesn’t have to be the traditional way with food. Fasting from certain foods can be helpful if that is the addiction that is causing you to be distracted. You can also look at other options that may be distracting you as well. In times of disconnection, I found that fasting from TV especially reality TV shows was super helpful in bringing clarity. I have also fasted from social media and shopping. Really take the time to think about what is one thing you can fast from. What is truly the best for your life and helps you get back centered on God and who He is in your life. 

In these three activities, I have always found my way back. I have always retained my connection with Him and ensured that my mind became clear. My relationship with God is really important to me as I know yours is to you. Remember to be kind to yourself as we all slip at times in the chaos and busy-ness of the world. Also, remember that He loves you and you will always find your way back. For the mothers trying to get back connected, I hope these three simple tasks help you understand who you are and Whose you are, as this will help you get through anything in life. 

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