Pursue Your Dreams Fearlessly!

I have frequent dreams and visions about what my purpose should be in this world. We are all placed on this earth for a reason with a dream to guide us. I strongly believe it’s up to us to pursue that dream. I heard a sermon in church a couple of weeks ago entitled Follow That Dream. This message was so powerful and it impacted my thoughts on how to go out and fulfill my purpose in the world. I took notes from this message & prayed on what appeared on the paper. I want to share with you my 4 takeaways along with my interpretation and thoughts. I pray that it lifts you and encourages you to pursue your dream fearlessly!

All dreamers have to travel down a path to transform their dream into a vision and then vision into reality. To successfully complete this journey, a dreamer needs to have a book sack ( “Backpack” for the city folks) with at least 4 items…

The first item is “A Dream”. As simple as it sounds, many people miss packing this part. You must have a dream to begin this journey and it needs to be YOUR dream, no one else’s. You must have the courage to even dream at all. Can you sit in silence, pray, daydream, meditate, and think deeply about what you are meant to do with the life you were given. Dreams and visions are not for lazy people. Once you have a dream, the journey will call for hard work and sacrifice. Excuses and laziness will not be tolerated. Do not begin the path of a successful dreamer if you are not ready to put in the work to achieve the dream. 

Daily Affirmation: I am a dreamer who will be successful in my purpose.

The second item needed to be successful on this journey is Resilience. My favorite quote from the sermon was “You’ll never be great if you can’t handle the hate”—This quote is so true. Stepping into greatness requires resilience and confidence. You have to be secure in who you are and your authentic self because the “haters” will try to do everything they can to get you to stop your journey to success, turn around, and break down. This negativity will come from many with whom you interact. Some “haters” are family and friends who just don’t understand the vision that God has placed in your mind. I don’t like to call these individuals “haters” because I don’t think they hate you. I would call them more like “Insecuritors” ( I know that word is completely made up). Insecuritors are people who care about you but they are constantly projecting their insecurities on you which will, in turn, cause you to limit yourself. They will:

      Condemn you for dreaming by saying things like, “Why would you try to do that!? No one in the family ever went to college! You need money to start a business so you should just keep working where you at!” (Yea, those people!) 

      Question you about the details of your dream because they want to find holes. Although it’s good to have a partner that can find holes to prevent you from making huge mistakes, not everyone needs to know the details.

      Remind you of your place so that you believe you are not worthy by saying things like “Your dad was a drug addict! You are not popular so no one will share your social media post. You don’t have the resources that other people have” (Sounds familiar?)

What God will do in your life will upset people’s place in your life. It messes with their plan for you. Be ready to be resilient and cope with the negativity that comes along with pursuing a dream.

Daily Affirmation: I will be resilient and always bounce back when approached with negativity.

The third item needed for the journey is Service. You must serve to achieve a dream. There are so many people that have never served, worked, or had any type of life experience to begin their journey to success. Life experiences teach you and prepare you for success. If your dream involves entrepreneurship, you may need to serve (work) for someone else for a while; better understand the industry that you are trying to work in, and be of service to others. You will need to give to others. People tend to give what they need most, therefore, heal others so that you can be healed. Be hardworking, faithful, and loyal over someone else’s dream as if it was your own so that you will know what to look for when building your team.

Daily Affirmation: I will be of service to others and give with a humble heart.

Last but not least, you will need Courage. While you are on this path, there will be ups and downs. Are you willing to go down in order to go higher? If you reach the top of a mountain and see a higher mountain across the valley, are you willing to climb down, go through the valley & climb up again to get to a higher position? Are you willing to take 2 steps back to go 10 steps forward? Are you willing to kick people off the path that are weighing you down? To answer any of these questions with yes takes courage– the ability to be brave and have faith in who you are and the God in your life. Have courage and know what’s coming is better than what’s been. Therefore, the small storms, dark valleys, and hard sacrifices will strengthen you on this journey to success.

Daily Affirmation: I will not be afraid of the down that’s in the moment for where God is leading me is higher than where I am now.

Follow your dream to the path of success…

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