Why You Should Attend a Motherhood Conference

I was awarded the opportunity to attend a virtual motherhood/womanhood conference and it has changed my outlook on life forever! What I learned and experienced at this conference is simply unforgettable. I wish all young mothers had the opportunity to gain this experience. Attending a conference focused on bettering yourself as a woman and mother will transform the way you think, communicate, and most importantly raise your little ones. Below are five reasons why a motherhood conference is the next move for you if you are a motivated mom in need of a serious boost of inspiration post-COVID-19!  

1. A conference will help you lean into your authentic self! 

At this conference, I met so many women who were genuinely proud of who they were! They didn’t fake it! They didn’t wear suits to impress others. They didn’t cover up their tattoos or colorful hair for the fear of being judged. They stood tall & proud in their unique fashion and appearances. I began to question who my authentic self was. What brand am I trying to present when meeting other women? How do people feel about me as a person? How do I continue to develop comfort with myself? All of these were valid questions, but it wasn’t until I heard the following quote, that I realized I wasn’t living in my truth. “It is important to be who you are and think like you. You will lose followers and its okay. Stand up for what you believe in so you can attract those people who will stand with you.” This statement made the hair on my arms stand up. Don’t be afraid to be yourself because of the fear of losing “likability” with others. Let them leave! Say what you believe in and let those leaving make room for others who have your beliefs! This conference will allow you to remain true to who you really are! 

2. A conference will stimulate your ability to create & innovate! 

These are the types of conference where women desiring to create change for themselves and their children come to network, share ideas, learn from others, and take their passions to the next level! Momprenuers in all industries attend including athletes, scientists, engineers, restaurateurs, venture capitalists, actresses, and much more. Conferences like these bring the best mom innovators in one location to inspire imagination and transform the world! There are breakout sessions, idea hubs, opportunity hubs, and content discussions that use different approaches to fuel your inventive spirit. Real world problems are discussed while you hear ways other women have decided to create solutions. How exciting is that!? I walked away from this conference feeling encouraged and ignited about my passions with creative ways to take my business ideas to the next level! 

 3. A conference will increase your network! 

I registered for the conference alone. I logged into the first session not knowing what to do or how to approach people in the chat and during small groups. I logged off on Day 1 with 23 contacts via LinkedIn or IG and that network continued to grow throughout the rest of the conference. With the contacts from Day 1, I was able to easily network and navigate the networking opportunities.  I found common ground with almost everyone I encountered. I met so many motivated mothers who were my age that were letting nothing stop them from achieving their goals. As a young and motivated mother, it is important to grow your network in these ways because real life does not permit you the time to go out and explore on a weekly or monthly basis. Expand your following and network with brilliant women who may or may not have similar experiences as you. The relationships you cultivate at conferences like these will last you a lifetime!​ 

 4. A conference will inspire you to raise your child in a new way! 

This conference will teach you how fuel creativity with your little ones, develop their passions, and most importantly encourage you to think differently on how you raise your child. While attending the Moms in Business Breakout session, I learned about gender inequality that exists in the workplace. Unconscious gender bias, sexual harassment, wage gaps, and career advancement were some of the pressing issues that speakers were presenting on during the panel.  In a mini breakout session, myself and others were charged to use a design thinking approach to create innovative solutions for addressing gender inequality in the workplace. We had meaningful discussion about how unconscious bias starts before you enter the workplace. Little boys get blue things & little girls get pink things; boys are raised to open the door for women; men go to jail for abusing women & women don’t go to jail for abusing men… and the list goes on! This passionate discussion really impacted the way I plan to raise my son. I never want my son to see a woman as weaker than him. We are raising the next generation. If we want the next generation to create more change then it is up to us as mothers to inspire & fuel that creativity!  

 5. A conference will impact your knowledge and reflection on past experiences! 

There is so much that we as individuals don’t know because we’ve only seen the world from our point of view. Attending this conference and listening to others’ stories will make you think differently about your past and increase your knowledge for the future. We have all endured some sort of obstacle that ignites a pure fire of passion within us. A Motherhood/Womanhood Conference will fuel that fire and allow you to create solutions to address that obstacle. I had the opportunity to hear a mother who had survived domestic violence and she changed my thought process around the trauma that I have experienced in my life. She charged everyone in the audience to use their passion about issues to create movements, use humane and simple approaches, ask the big questions, and engage imagination! Hearing from others who have become catalyst based off of their past experiences will influence you to do the same! 

Attending a motherhood/womanhood conference will have an impact that will propel you into your purpose! I assure you that you will not return the same. I encourage all motivated moms to seriously think about researching local and national conferences that fit your schedule so you can network and build your cabinet of mothers that motivate you to become a better version of yourself! 

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