Winning the Back-to-School War as a Working Mom

Do you hear that!? The sound of screeching brakes from school buses, lunch boxes clamping, book bags zipping, and school bells ringing. Back to School is coming for you, mama! And it’s coming with a vengeance.


Back to School can be a relief for some and a really intimidating experience for others, especially working moms. The time it takes to organize, prepare, and solidify morning routines again can be dreadful. With my son starting another year of school, I have been so intimidated by the level engagement needed to prepare that I began researching best practices to win the Back to School War with ease. I have found 3 tips that should help any working mother master the ability to kick the school year off with a bang and win!

Communicate with Your Employer

First things first, Working Mama! We all know that you are invincible and can conquer the world but let’s be realistic for a second… preparing for Back to School can be so intense! Yikes! I believe in full and open communication with your employer. All things that could go wrong with drop off and pick-up à all seem to occur during that first week of school for some odd reason. Proactively communicate with your boss and employees about the possibility of you being late to work or having to leave early.

  • Dealing with the drop off-line and finding the perfect drop off time is a science that takes weeks for me to master!.
  • Reminding my little one that he now has to prepare for school in the morning is a challenge that should equate to management experience.
  • Understanding the traffic routes for pick-ups from school or after school programs make this war near impossible to win…

But YOU CAN and will WIN! Make sure that you are not setting yourself up for a stressful situation by communicating with your employer so you will gain understanding.

Create a Command Center

Having a command center room, wall, or area within your home has been proven to decrease anxiety and help with the Back to School transition. A touchdown space to hang book bags, organize important school documents, coordinate the calendar of all events coming up, review homework, and so much more can aid you in a successful win! I have created a command center in our home with a calendar, folder organizer, Key/Bookbag Hanger, and whiteboard for tips, chores, and to-dos. This tool has significantly decreased my anxiety and helped me successfully prepare for the new academic year with style and organization!

Take a Breath & Celebrate You

Maybe you have already taken time off during the summer for vacations but don’t forget to take time off to take a breath and adjust. After all, it may be an emotional time for you along with your little one. Raising this beautiful gift of life and influencing their success to arrive to the next phase of their academic journey should not be taken lightly, Mama. Take time to celebrate your own accomplishment of being an amazing mom who is raising an amazing child that is continuing their academic journey. You deserve it!

I hope these tips help you win the war on back to school. As a working Mama, I completely understand how tough it is but just know you can do it and although it won’t be easy à you are more than capable of succeeding because you have all of the right tools in front of you.

Remember one bad day doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the war, it just means there’s always a learning experience for a better tomorrow! Let me know your thoughts and if you have any additional tips that could help us moms win the Back to School War!

Good luck Mama! And may the force be with you!

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