You Have Everything You Need

What is meant for you will be for you. It doesn’t matter the skills that you are “supposed” to have or the education that people think you should have. It is in your blood and DNA for you to be a conqueror and to go out and overcome. As a mother, you have endured some of the greatest pains in life physically and mentally with birthing & raising your child. You are more than a conqueror. You are a warrior! What you have been through with raising another human being is greater than any challenge work, school, or COVID could present to you. Remember the blood that runs through your veins, remember the DNA that is within you. No amount of school, skills, or status can compete with what you were genetically destined and created to become. Below are five tips to keep you encouraged when you feel like you are lacking.

Remain an Element

Throughout your struggles in your personal and professional life, remain an element. Elements are substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substance. Don’t let the punches that life throws at you break you! Don’t let what someone says about you, how someone feels about you, and what someone does to you break you! You are stronger than that. Whenever things don’t go your way do not give in. Do not break down. Recognize the feeling– embrace it and replace it with courage to keep going. Remain whole, remain an element and do not let anything break you down. You already have what you need to keep going.

Remember to Feel

You are a human being and what makes us human are our feelings. Our feelings have power when we can control them. Stay passionate about the issues. Feel for those you can and cannot relate to with sympathy and empathy. Be present and embrace the feeling. Your feelings in any given moment are exactly what you need. Use those feelings to create the change you need in your life.

Be Loyal to Your Purpose

A purpose is something that you were put on this earth to do. You already have it and it is within you. If you do not know what your purpose is, try to do some soul searching and find it out. Your purpose can develop over time but stay in tune with what you think it might be. Stay loyal to that purpose. Your purpose may be making sure everyone is heard in the meeting or resolving conflict, or even problem solving. Whatever that purpose is, remain loyal to it and don’t let anyone deter you away from what you were put on this earth to accomplish.

Pride & Humility

Embrace your pride and keep humility in your back pocket. We always hear that having pride is a horrible thing, but I beg to differ. It’s okay to be confident and have pride in who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. These are things you already have and have always had. We should never NOT take pride in who we are. Be BOLD and never dim your light for someone else. Stay proud of the things that you have. You may not have the house that you want but be proud of the shelter you have. You may not have the family dynamics that you want but be proud of the familial love that you have now. And if ever that pride turns into arrogance, take a little dose of that humility that you have and keep striving for success.

Be Led by God

God has ordered my steps and everywhere he has taken me he has never left me. I think he may have dozed off for a second or two and things got kind of crazy in my life (LOL just kidding) but his presence is always there. If you let God lead you, everything will fall into place and work out. God gives you opportunities, once you take those opportunities, let the God within you lead you to on the right path toward success. He is already within you. You already have God. Just continue to build that relationship with Him and everything will work out for your good!

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