1st Year of Blogging Taught Me?

Today is our 1 year #Bloggerversary! This year of blogging has brought so much healing, learning, and fun into our lives and I can't wait to see what year 2 has in store! I want to celebrate our small wins for year 1 as well as tie in some of our goals for next year! Help us celebrate and learn from our mistakes as I discuss our top 5 lessons learned from Year 1 of Blogging for the Joy of Romeo!

Lesson Learned: I write more than I promote!

As you can see from the infographic above, We had 96 posts in a total of 365 days. I write way more than I promote and I am not sure if that's a bad thing but I know its not a good thing. If you don't know why I started Joy of Romeo, I have put my 3 part youtube series here and below. The birth of Joy of Romeo was out of a dark place. A place of anxiety and depression which led me to writing in a journal by my bed every night. On the weekends I would make funny or inspirational stories from the themes I found in my writing throughout the weekdays. Although I didn't do as much promoting as I should have in the blogging business. I honestly feel that I am in a better mental state than I was last year when I started blogging.

Year 2 Goal: Through this blog, I realized, I honestly love writing & motivational speaking! I love using my voice and pen as a vessel to encourage others who need to be uplifted! I will double my posts and get more bookings to speak!... and maybe do a better job of promoting my material for more subscribers!

Lesson Learned: I have no brand!

I had no idea about defining our “brand” when I first created our website. I used different fonts, colors, and aesthetics for every post. Even my social media has different filters and lighting in pictures. I just did whatever makes me happy in the moment.

Year 2 Goal: Continue to do what feels right but my followers deserve consistency! I hope to work with a branding expert in Year 2 to better help me understand branding. So if you know anyone, please send referrals! 

Lessoned Learned: Going viral is crazy!

Going viral was completely unexpected and caught me off guard! I’ll never forget when Sejal and Hakeem inboxed me around midnight saying Romeo has over 100K views for sleeping in a Spider-Man costume. I was not prepared for the people that began to look on this site and IG to figure out who we were. They commented on blogs. They asked if I had more videos of him. They wanted to know why I wasn't consistent in posting him on Flipgram and IG. It was madness! Watch Video

Year 2 Goal: I want to always be prepared with up to date pictures and content on all forms of social media that I choose to use. I want to be sure to network with people that I admire as well as peers that are on my same level!

Lesson Learned: Try everything to see what you like!

I tried YouTube ( editing videos is stressful and takes time & talent). I tried pinterest ( being organized is a skill and how can I organize a board when I can't even organize files on my computer). I tried instagram (posting pictures all the time with the perfect caption can be draining). I tried facebook ( My mom will comment on and share every single post). The list will go on and on about all the different venues used to get messages out for developing a following. They all had their advantages and disadvantages but they were all so worth it!

Year 2 Goal: I have yet to try podcasting so hook a sister up so I can explore this world next year!

Final Lessoned Learned: Joy of Romeo is not what I thought it was!

One of the biggest takeaways form this year is that I am not a #MomBlogger. Even if you look at my infographic, a large percentage of men follow our content. More than half of our subscribers and viewers are not parents. The keyword that comes up for most people that search our blog is motivation. They come to our platform for motivation and inspiration, which really causes me to think... maybe the "Joy of Romeo" has a deeper message. You all know my story of how my pregnancy with Romeo was an obstacle that became a blessing because I found joy in the journey of becoming a mom at such a young age. So maybe that’s really what the Joy of Romeo is all about??? Finding happiness during hard times. Finding motivation to keep going when you feel like giving up. Finding purpose through looking in your child’s eyes and knowing that you’re raising an amazing human being. The Joy of Romeo may be all of that into one!

Year 2 Goal: To develop more content that is not only mom specific but encouraging to men and women through all walks of life!

This picture perfectly describe how we write each of our posts... Computer on the table, journal open, toys everywhere, Romeo telling me jokes to write, and me laughing at how corny we are! The #JoyofRomeo #Blog has brought us such an awesome community of motivated women and men across the south & east coast and we are so grateful for all of your support! Thank you so much for supporting our platform that has brought laughter, healing, and inspiration to many! Let’s make Year 2 even better!!!