Bringing Work Home: Tips to Reduce Its Effect on Your Family Life

Bringing work home is an issue that everyone has an internal battle with, especially parents. If not managed properly, bringing work home could turn into an unhealthy cycle that will not only adversely affect you but your children and family as well.

As a career-driven mom, you already spend most of your day in the office and as soon as you clock out, your priority should shift. I know, I get it, and I can completely relate! However, those nights where you have tight deadlines call for work to be completed with no exceptions! I have been there plenty of times and at those times it’s hard to follow all of those mantras stating “family before work” because if mommy doesn’t work… who is going to financially support the family!?

According to a Harvard Business Review article entitled Don’t Take Work Stress Home With You:  After a long day at the office, many of us find ourselves taking out our stress on friends, children, or significant others. And if we’re not careful, we allow our work stress to become home stress, often at the expense of our families and relationships or our health. Work stress can be a challenge for home life. Learning to manage stress — by working with your partner to cope and by keeping some of your professional stress outside the house — can contribute to better relationships and better physical and mental health.

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