Change Breaks Chains

Change is the one thing that every one really wants but no one has the courage to master. Change is one of the hardest thing to do because of one thing and one thing only… FEAR. People fear the unknown. People fear what may happen if everything doesn’t work out.

Some of you know deep down inside that you are tired of the same lifestyle. You are tired of going through the same thing every day but you just can’t change because you don’t want to break old habits and lose things in which you have grown accustomed. Those daily habits in your life are weighing you down but you like being weighed down and staying at the bottom because its comfortable and any type of movement upward means you have to act, you have to shift, you have to turn and maneuver some aspect of your daily living. You are truly chained down with burdens because you don’t know how to let them go.

What’s weighing you down is the fact that you want financial peace, you need more money! What’s weighing you down is the fact that you want to lose weight and be healthier! What’s weighing you down is the fact that you want love and you are tired of being mistreated! I can go on for days about the individual changes that people want in their life but… guess what? It’s not going to come because you are not ready for it! Aren’t you tired of being imprisoned by those behaviors and obstacles in your life that are keeping you from happiness? Don’t you want to free your mind of the bondage that has been brought due to the reckless choices you’ve once made? Change!

Change breaks chains…

Reverend Holt mentioned three steps of change that I believe inspired me to take control of my life and head in the right direction. This list may look like a simple way you get ready in the morning which is completely accurate!

Step 1: Wake up!

You are truly in a coma. This lifestyle has you sleeping on the plan that God has for you. You’d rather sit and dream about what could be than actually wake up and make a plan to get it done.

Step 2: Get Up!

Stop sitting down and wallowing in pity every day for your situation. “Oh he broke my heart!" “Oh I have trust issues!” "I’m just going through a rough time” “It’s a holiday, I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow!” Stop giving excuse after excuse! Excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent, they build on monuments to nothingness, and individuals who indulge in this are seldom able to accomplish anything but excuses. So stop limiting yourself, with “I don’t wannas” and ” I don’t feel like it” Get your butt up!

Step 3: Get Ready!

If you are going to pray for something to happen, you better start looking like you are ready!

Quick Story: There was a small town in Kansas that was going through the worst drought ever in the past 47 years. The church and the community met because crops were beginning to die and citizens began to fear their livelihood was at stake. An elderly member of the church said about 47 years ago when they had a drought just like this, which led to the community and church coming together and praying for three days and three nights, and on that third night rain came. The members of the community were hesitant at first but as the man continued to persuade, he got everyone on board to meet at the church and pray. The old man also recommended that they include the retired pastor, David, who led the prayer 47 years ago. David was in a nursing home with Alzheimer that was not too far away from the church. Many were hesitant, but agreed because there was nothing left to lose! The current pastor, Reverend Frank, and some leadership from the community went to pick up the David and told him that they needed him to come lead their prayer for rain like he did 47 years ago. David jumped up with excitement, got dressed with a rain coat, rain boots, and an umbrella then proceeded to walk to the car. The community leadership snickered and shook their head in disbelief that they were seriously putting their trust into a man with a dwindling mind. Reverend Frank stopped the old man and said “Hey we are taking you to the church to pray for rain, Not taking you to the rain!” David, the retired pastor, said “I know where you are taking me! How do y’all want to pray for rain and not be ready when it comes? You have to already go prepared and ready for what you know God is going to bless you with!”

You are praying for a good man, but are you seriously a good woman ready to compromise for a relationship? You are praying for $1 million dollars but can’t save $50 in you bank account? You are praying for better health, but can’t go one day without a soda or one week without fried food? Why pray for change when you are not ready to do the work to get the blessing!?

My prayer is for those of you reading this to have boldness to overcome that fear of change! Have courage to know that it may be uncomfortable but when you grow things begin to get uncomfortable and not fit as well as they use to and that is perfectly okay because those chains will soon not fit as well as they use to and feel the pressure to break off!

The only difference from the person you are and the person that you want to become is what you do today… Change starts now.