Dating As A Single Mom

Because the day of the lovers is approaching, I decided to do a 3-Part series with one of my friends to discuss the struggles of dating as a single mom. Below is Part 1 of Dating as a Single Mom, where Chorey and I discuss the drama that may come along with beginning the dating process as a single parent. This video ends with the start of an important discussion on online dating! New studies have shown that single moms are totally dominating the online dating platform! "Single moms aren’t looking for knights in shining armor or insta-dads for their kids.... Single mothers are independent, happy and are very clear about what they are looking for in a partner." The topic ofDating as a Single Mom is of growing importance to me and many others because of the research and studies that discuss single moms and their ability to find love. You know I can't finish a blog without 3 quick stats to help you understand the struggles for single moms with dating & ways that innovators are approaching it through technology!

It's Valentine's Day eve and we are giving you the final 2 videos of the "Dating As A Single Mom" series. I had so much fun doing this video with the single mom magnet, Chorey! I learned some really important things about myself and dating in the process of making this series. I hope these videos make you laugh and also encourage the single moms out there that you are not alone. Dating can be stressful while you are balancing motherhood, career, and self care but Single Moms have this extraordinary super power to be able to do anything. I hope you find love, a good time, a fun night or whatever it is that you are in search for during lovers day! 

The videos below discuss:

- When should he meet your child?

- Dating for Potential Vs. Action

- Single Mom = Package Deal

- Single Mom's Time is Valuable

- And some other jewels we think you would like!

Join our conversation and let us know your experiences with dating as a single mom!