Don't Allow People to Project Their Fears on You!

You cannot give another human being responsibility over your happiness!

- Taraji P. Henson

This video really inspires me because despite what odds were set against this woman, she had a goal and she was going to do whatever it took to achieve that goal with her son by her side!

Her message is one that is simple and yet of power that many have repeated. Even Jay- Z had a similar message in an interview as quoted below.

Jay Z:

" What I believe is don’t listen to anyone, everyone is scared. Everyone tells you how things worked out but it worked out for YOU that way. It’s even hard for me. I just give the information and then let the artist make their decision. I can’t say, “You should do this because this is how it works!” It may not work that way for artist A, B, or C the same way it worked out for me. All I can do is provide information. So don’t listen to anyone because their experiences is unique to who they are. And then a lot of people will try to put their fears on you, “You can’t do that!” No, you can’t do it. They’re just projecting it. They’re putting things they don’t think that they can do on you, and you possibly can do it. Like my uncle, I don’t think he meant anything by it and I’ve said it so many times today. I know he’s going to be at Christmas, “Why do you keep bringing this up?” My uncle said I’m never going to sell a million records. I sold a million records like a million times. I’m his nephew, I don’t think he meant any malice, he was just projecting his fears. “Are you crazy? How are you going to do that?” How? I’m sure there are things that I do now that he can’t believe I was able to accomplish. He couldn’t even see it at the time. So he was just projecting and putting his fears on me. Always believe that you’re great even before anybody else believes it."

Never ever let anyone project their thoughts, fears, and insecurities on you. Their journey is not your journey. Their truth is not your truth. Their life is not your life! Don't listen to them. Do you, boo! Stay focused and live your life to the best of your ability. You have to trust yourself and do what makes you happy! The reward will be worth it all!