if you save the inviorment you wont be in a argument

some times you might be thinking about a world without life well i am here to go change that chapter 1 pollution some whales otters sharks dolphins seals and other sea creatures are endangered by pollution to stop pollution try to ride buses and bikes instead of cars and trucks they use to much gas

if you see pollution ask them to stop

chapter 2 fire and smocking people some times smock in the wild hurting animals that live in the woods like moose wolves and bears also dear fire also destroys there homes and what they eat

chapter 3 invading there homes if you get in front of a hippo or croc or a lion it may be scary and to the wild life it can get in the way of there life they could die

chapter 4 eating animals if you eat to many animals you could get fat sick and the animals could all die

chapter 5 hunting and training if you train a animal it may be fun for you but not for the animals creatures like orcas lions and sea lions dolphins other animals and also dont always hunt

chapter 6 trapping animals trapping animals in zoos and aquariums can hurt them let them be free in the wild

conclusion many animals are endangered people are trying to save

them from becoming extinced

the end

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