leapord seal vs alligator

in this corner the leapoord seal hes large leapord seals eat other seals penguins birds dolphins fish shrimp

and finally the alligator hes gigantiic it is realated to dinosaurs he eats birds other alligators fish shrimp large mammels the fight starts but they have there predators orcas and sharks are the leapord seals predators panthers lion tiger leapords and snakes are alligator predators alligator tries to bite the leapord seal but hes to fast he sees a anacoonda and a orca up ahead but now hes breathiing air now the alligator bites hes neck its head falls of the alligator won but wait whats this another leapord .seal bites its tail and now orca and anaconda snake bites the alligator and and the orca bites the snake they leave and the alligator is dead the leapord seal swallows the alligator noow the leapord seal really wins predators are gone but on the next fight they might be back