When Your Child Is the Only Person of Color in Their Class

In a time where we have to discuss this separator of people called “race”, we tend to forget how it impacts the little minds that we are raising. As a woman of color raising a young black man, I have found it extremely challenging when school is in session to address this issue. For the past 6 years, my son has almost always attended a daycare or an educational institution where there were little to no children of color. Although the lack of diversity bothered me, I never wanted it to affect my son. It wasn’t until Romeo was 4 years old that he started to realize that he wasn’t like everyone else. He came home one day asking, “Mom, why do people call me black when my skin is brown? And… why are they always asking to touch my curly hair?” I honestly laughed nervously because he was now experiencing what I knew would come... Read more via All Mom Does