Overcoming Workplace Insecurities

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” - Eleanor Roosevelt  

The working world can be a beast! It can swallow you up and eat you whole! As a working woman and mother, there are times when you will run into situations that will make you extremely insecure, leaving your confidence deflated. You will begin to feel unintelligent, ugly, uncomfortable, and like an imposter in your own life. At these times, you must remember who you are, find your voice, and persevere. 

Here are my 3 ways of overcoming workplace insecurities.

1.   School the Babies and Bullies!

A wise woman once told me that the workplace is full of amazing and intellectual human beings but in every workplace there are babies and bullies. Pay attention to the individuals who make you feel insecure. Those who tend to be the loudest, rudest, or most inconsiderate. These are who I would call the bullies. You need to label them in your mind so that you know exactly who they are. I've learned the best way to stand up to a bully is to respond quickly and consistently to show you are not the one to play with. They will back down and try to play nice or you'll never really hear from them again. Either way, you'll find peace. When it comes to the "babies"-- I find these individuals to be the whiners, complainers, gossipers, and manipulators. They have to have everything their way or they'll throw a fit. You need to label these individuals in your mind so that you know exactly who they are as well. The best way to counteract the babies of the workplace is to keep everything professional and cordial. Do not allow them to vent to you, complain to you, get emotional with you, or anything else inappropriate for the workplace. Keep these individuals at a professional distance. Never let the babies nor the bullies push you around!

2.   Focus on Your Strengths!

Remember how excited you were when you got this amazing position!? Yea... focus on that! When insecurities arise, take time to meditate on what differentiates you from every individual on the team. Think about the value that you bring to the table and why your voice is important. Do not let those insecure voices in your mind win. You are amazing! You are beautiful! You are smart! You are a boss! At insecure times like this, I look at my project lists, my resume, and my portfolio to reflect on all I've accomplished in my life that others couldn't possibly fathom. I think about all the things I am strong at that make me an asset to the team. When I keep a positive focus on what I am good at, the insecurities drift away. Remember your strengths and how talented you are!

3.   Remember who you serve!

I understand that everyone reading this post may not be spiritual but understand that you all were put on this earth for a reason and a higher purpose. We all have a mark to leave in the way serve each other and the community. When insecurities arise in the workplace due to difficult managers, coworkers, or employees... you must center yourself and remember you do not work for them. Although, these individuals pay you and help aid your financial freedom, YOU. DO. NOT. WORK. FOR. THEM!! Your tombstone will not say your place of employment when you die. You report to a higher power that put you in this position to do good for yourself, your family, and others. Remember that! In my most insecure times, I reflect on why I'm in this exact moment in time and how this will align me to do more than I could ever imagine in the future because of who I ultimately work for. Repeat this saying I am (insert workplace) but I am not of (insert workplace). Your calling is higher than any job you could ever work

Be strong, persevere and overcome!


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