Paint Night with Your Little One!

Wine & Design nights are becoming a great way to explore your artsy side and fellowship with others! Many treat these cool paint nights as romantic dates or fun girls' night out. I have always wanted to do a "Wine & Design" but never had the funds or time budgeted to do so, which led me to this #FunAndFrugal idea! Romeo and I had our very own Wine & Design Night at our home on a budget! Most of the required items had to be purchased with exception of the wine, capri-suns, and snacks. Hosting a paint night with you and your little ones is extremely affordable and fun. Below is how we had an awesome experience with a budget of $25!

1. Buy Canvases!

This may be the most costly thing but Michael's has sales at all times. When we went shopping, our large canvases were buy one get one free! Costing only $6 each! The prices of canvases range from $2 -$20. Take a coupon from the link and purchase your canvases to begin your night!

2. Buy Paint Brushes!

We have paint brushes around the house from a variety of art projects but we also purchased some from Michael's for $5. This is an optional expense but it will still fit in your $25 budget, as it did ours!

3. Buy Paint!

If you have purchased the canvases and brushes, you now have only have $7 left. How could this possible be enough to get paint!? Well it definitely is! One of my sorority sisters that used to manage a Sherwin Williams told me about how the stores sell mixed colors that were in excess or didn't meet customer needs for little to nothing! We went to a local Sherwin Williams and received about 6 colors in huge containers for only $3! The colors were shades of primary colors that we used and mixed to make additional colors. Hit up your local Sherwin Williams and purchase paint for discounted rates. If they don't have the colors that you are searching for, I'm sure you can get a great deal at Michael's but it may put you over the $25 budget.

4. Buy Cleaning Supplies!

The remaining $4 were spent on cleaning supplies because things definitely got messy with the paint but that's what made it so much fun!

I covered the floor with an old comforter (you can use newspaper, cardboard, or whatever you see fit). We also used plastic cups and old Chipotle trays to separate & mix the paint.

This was such a fun and frugal way to spend a Saturday night!

I hope you can use this idea as a fun night in! Enjoy!