sperm whale vs dolphin

this is a sperm whale the only animals that might be bigger are the blue whale and the the humpback whale the predators are huge squids orcas and sharks there the largest predator

and these are dolphins predators are killer whales sharks polar bears and leopard seals there's a type of dolphin who is both a predator and a friend and even a shark predator they must be a top predator orcas the fight happens the dolphins do the first move they surround him and hit him the sperm whales try to bite him they got one but the others are too fast two sperm whales bite three dolphins all four of them have scars the dolphins run away but sperm whales didn't win they were running from a pod of orcas the orcas went everywhere they bite and bite and bite and bite until he's dead . the dolphins came back and made the orcas . run away the dolphins win


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