Strengthen Your Wings, Mama!

This story was given to me a couple of days ago from a mentor. It is a lesson that I know I will never forget. I hope it has meaning for you.

There’s a story about a little boy in India who went up to a guru who was sitting and looking at something in his hand.

The little boy went up and looked at it. He didn’t quite understand what it was, so he asked the guru, "What is that?"

"It’s a cocoon," answered the guru, "Inside the cocoon is a butterfly. Soon the cocoon is going to split, and the butterfly will come out."

"Could I have it?" asked the little boy.

"Yes," said the guru, "but you must promise me that when the cocoon splits and the butterfly starts to come out and is beating it’s wings to get out of the cocoon, you won’t help it. It is important not to help the butterfly by breaking the cocoon apart. It must do it on it’s own."

The little boy promised, took the cocoon, and went home with it. He then sat and watched it. He saw it begin to vibrate and move and quiver, and finally the cocoon split in half. Inside was a beautiful damp butterfly, frantically beating its wings against the cocoon, trying to get out and not seeming to be able to do it. The little boy desperately wanted to help. Finally, he gave in, and pushed the two halves of the cocoon apart. The butterfly sprang out, but as soon as it got out, it fell to the ground and was dead. The little boy picked up the dead butterfly and in tears went back to the guru and showed it to him.

"Little boy," said the guru, "You pushed open the cocoon, didn’t you?" "Yes," said the little boy, "I did."

The guru spoke to him gravely, "You don’t understand. You didn’t understand what you were doing. When the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, the only way he can strengthen it’s wings is by beating them against the cocoon. It beats against the cocoon so it’s muscles will grow strong. When you helped it, you prevented it from developing the muscles it would need to survive."

No one needs to help you! No matter how much you struggle. No matter how hard it gets. No matter how many times you fail! This trial is only meant to strengthen your wings so you can soar to a higher level!

I know it's hard & I know it's tough! But... Whatever you do, DON'T give up! This journey that you are taking through life is not meant to make you suffer, it's meant to make you stronger and tougher! You have a purposeful & painful past full of many hardships; but as long as you keep pushing, keep pressing, and keep building strength, you'll then develop the wings you need to take flight on a prosperous path!

You would have never been able to survive if someone would've helped you & gave you a handout. If Mama would have took it easy on you, you wouldn't be the beast you are today! Don't be mad because no one is helping you the way you envisioned. Don't get mad because you feel like you need more support from your family, friends, baby daddy, baby mama, etc. You can't control what others do. You only can control what you do, so PUSH through it, BEAT through it, and make a way! I repeat, the STRENGTH that you are building through this process is going to allow you to take flight and elevate to a level success that God has for you!

Stay Strong! Keep Pushing! Never Give Up!