The “Birds and Bees” Convo with My 6-Year-Old

“Mom! Tell me the truth. Are storks real?” I hear from a little voice behind me as I prepare dinner for the evening. I was so confused that I needed more clarification on this out of the blue question.

“What do you mean, Romeo?” I said in bewilderment.

“Well, I have wrote the stork several letters to bring me a little brother and it hasn’t happened yet. Is the stork really real?” Romeo stated this as he looked at me with his eyebrows frowned.

Now, I am understanding where this conversation is coming from. I am a single mother to Romeo and he has been longing for a sibling in our household. I guess I haven’t been moving fast enough to find a mate so Romeo took it upon himself to write the stork a letter for a sibling himself.

“No Romeo. Storks are not real. Storks are just cute ways that movies talk about where babies come from.” I said, in the most straightforward tone.

“Well, where do babies come from?” Romeo said this as he walked closer to me with eagerness to know. At this point, I am thinking FIGHT or FLIGHT. Should I just tell him the truth or just send Romeo to his room and tell him to do something productive. Decisions Decisions… Read more via All Mom Does