The Ninjas & The Whale Brothers: Chapter 1

Updated: May 13, 2019

The ninjas are getting ready to go to the beach. But they didn't know that there were whales sharks and orcas and other dangerous things at the beach and they thought the danerous things are nice but they didn't know that the stuff were there going is dangerous things wanted to find them and beatthem up.

And then soon as they get to the beach, it's not only a whale but a shark attacks them before they get to the beach .

And then when they get to the whales, the whale does a big splash and the water tumbles on them and they sink into the water.

And then the ninjas come out the water and punch the whale.

And then... an Orca approaches and the Orca eats one of them. The rest of the ninjas swim toward the beach and decide to stay on land because there are alot of dangerous animals in the water.

"Tell everybody to STAY OUT OF THE WATER!"theres nobody at the beach said one of the ninjas.

To be continued... Chapter 2

chapter 2 they think that nobody is at the beach but they saw a wierd army of soldiers they run at them then attack

it was a war one ninja dropkicked 10 sodiers

they ran and found a jeep they drove of the army followed them

a tiger roared at them they hided in the trees

they heded for the sea when the soldiers found them they shot one of them of the truck. the they did not know that the tigers on the boat they saw a seal a sea lion a whale a orca a baluga whale a blue whale a right whale and a polar bear and wallrus the the squid brothers and fish brothers there were sea monsters pirahnah polarbear monster a sea tiger a werewolf alien shark a fire breathing dragon bear they went so deep theres no light and all you can see are alien

monsters attacking you they were in a robot the soldiers even had monster animal robot they were fighting

to be continued chapter 3 the soldiers won the robot was breaking it was turning cold the ice was all over the robot the ice breaks and crumbles

they were just about to leave a giant t rex threw them and bit them it was war the t rex looked so big one of the soldiers was going to boil the ninjas in lava with lava gators in there