What is Your Vision for the New Year?

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

My favorite holiday has always been Jan 1st. the celebration of a New Year. It is something about everyone being motivated to change into a better version of themselves that makes me look forward to this time of year. Personally, I have always wanted to create a vision board to help me visualize how I would like my new year to go for myself and I am so excited that it finally came true. A couple of family, friends, and I got together to host a Vision Board Party in the community where I was raised in South Carolina and it was an awesome time!

Being around individuals who were inspired, driven, and in good spirits gave me such a positive experience that motivated me even more for the new year. We each created a board of how we would want the new year to go for ourselves and discussed them with drinks, food, and fellowship. We laughed, we loved, we cried, and we left feeling like we found a tribe of people that we can lean on in the new year.

I am so excited about my vision for the new year and I wanted to share it with you all in hopes it inspires you to do your own vision board, goal journal, or some form of visualization of your goals because "Visualization leads to MANIFESTATION"! I want to see you all achieve your wants and desires this year!

Professional Goals:

  • Get more involved in professional organizations ( NAHSE, ACHE, & Delta)

  • To get a mentor in the Healthcare Technology Field

  • To be a better teammate and employee in my new role with Unite Us

  • Volunteer once a month with a community service activity

  • Become more vocal with social justice issues that have affected my life

Entrepreneurship Goals:

  • Purchase property for retail/ restaurant business in South Carolina

  • Network with more Bloggers ( People of Color, Motherhood, and Lifestyle Bloggers)

  • Reach 10K Followers on Instagram for Joy of Romeo

  • Profit $1000 a month from the Joy of Romeo blog

  • Create a journal to publish

Financial Goals

  • Save $400 a month for Romeo's College/ Entrepreneurship Fund

  • Pay off all debt with exception of student loans

  • Credit Score of 750+

  • Live below my means

  • Save for a trip for me & Romeo (Purchase a Passport)

Health Goals

  • Lose 100 lbs. by December 2019

  • Inspire others with my journey and product

  • Meditate every day

  • Eat Healthy & Mindful

  • Find an exercise I love and do it as much as possible


  • Go on dates and meet nice, attractive men that have potential to be "The One"

  • Build long lasting friendships

  • Attend more social events to meet people

  • Invite friends over for game nights & fun

  • Remove toxic friendships & tendencies


  • Will not miss church more than one Sunday or Wednesday a month

  • Get involved in a ministry

  • Pay Tithes every month

  • Pray every day

  • Read scripture/inspirational quote every day

Self Love

  • Love my natural hair and wear it often

  • Embrace creative nail designs

  • Improve my make-up skills

  • Leave the house looking my best

  • Discover my culture/ancestry & embrace it

What are some of your professional, entrepreneurial, financial, health, relationship, spiritual, and self-love goals?


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