Wine & Dine: Why you deserve a good glass!

Because I became a mom before I was the legal age to drink, I never really had the opportunity to explore wine. Most of my drinking days before Romeo involved my 2 closest friends from undergrad and mixing Everclear (death in a bottle/ gasoline) with cheap flavored punches and calling them raunchy names... DON'T JUDGE ME!

I must say, after having Romeo I did battle with the image of consuming alcohol and the affect it would have on my son. I really thought being a mother and drinking would cause conflict. I thought that responsible mothers never drink.

When starting my career in Durham, NC most of the after work functions involved alcohol of some form and it seemed to be a social thing that connected these executives after long days. You would find the men sipping Bourbon, Gin, or craft beer and the women sipping mixed drinks or a glass of wine. The women seemed so secure in themselves, so confident, so classy, and so sophisticated. It caused me to research wine and understand the side effects because I think I was judging based off of ignorance.

Below are 8 Health benefits I found from drinking wine...

1. Reduces Heart-Attack Risk

2. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

3. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

4. Lowers Risk of Stroke

5. Cuts Risk of Cataracts

6. Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer

7. Slows Brain Decline

8. Promotes Longevity

And... most of all it tastes good!!

Well some of the wines taste good and I had a hard time discovering which ones until one of my awesome co-workers, who is a wine expert, took the time to teach me about the different flavors and introduce me to this classy lifestyle. I quickly realized that I was definitely a fan of red wine over white wine. I think that makes me more " bad and boujee", right?

My favorite wine is Jam Jar, A sweet shiraz created in Paarl, South Africa - Crafted in a lighter style this Shiraz is a fresh, fruity, semi-sweet wine that displays aromas and flavors of ripe blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with dark chocolate undertones. This wine is somewhat close to Cabernet Sauvignon.

I encourage young professional mothers who haven't dabbled into the alcoholic beverages to try to sip on one glass of wine (whatever tastes the best to you) during social/professional events to develop a taste for it and not go overboard. Wine is an acquired taste but the benefits for your physical health, social health, and mental health seem worth the trade to me. Wine really relaxes my nerves after dealing with work and then a crazy mini me at home. Go explore the different types of wines and go to wine tasting events to understand what fits you best. I am not encouraging you to become an alcoholic! I will repeat that one more time " I, Joy, am not encouraging you to become an alcoholic!" I am only trying to inform you of options that are socially acceptable, benefit your health, taste great, and allow you to embrace your femininity and enjoy being an adult outside of the craziness that you deal with in your every day life. Have a glass on me, Mama!